The graves were opened and the legions of the dead marched forth to Phantasmagoria. Come one, come all to the cabaret of indulgences of the macabre senses. Experience carnality and horror, aberration and fantasy, phantasm and illusion in the form of an underground curation of dark music and witchy performing arts. Heed the call magnificent creeplings for the ghostliest, ghastliest carnival in town draws ever near. Step right up and embrace the invocations of the netherworldly. Where all who roam here among our incantations become sojourners swaying in distant realms of void and vastness.

Toss a dime and win a prize. Dare enter our twilight zone of irresistible mystique and allure, overwrought through centuries of evil. What do you possibly have to lose? Is it your inhibitions you fear? Your fragile sanity you seek to preserve?

Phantasmagoria is a bi-annual affair currently held in Los Angeles and Las Vegas combining the best dark music and dark performance art of the underground. Musical genres include gothic rock, gothic metal, death rock, doom, dark psych, Oriental/indigenous/pagan/occult traditional and more. The evening is woven together through the theatrical conjurations of belly dancers, jugglers, magicians, sword swallowers, thespians, fakirs, soothsayers, carnies, poets and mystics.

Phantasmagoria Las Vegas is Friday, May 12th, 2023 at Dive Bar in Las Vegas, one night before Sick New World Festival. Phantasmagoria Los Angeles is Saturday, May 6th, 2023 at Transplants Brewing Company in Palmdale. Featuring first wave LA gothic death rock legend Eva O (Christian Death/Shadow Project/Super Heroines), The Sixth Chamber, Premature Ejaculation (first performance since 1998), Ravens Moreland (LA only), Satin Puppets (Vegas only), Antania (Doc Luna of Luna 13) and more. Tickets are available now at Eventbrite (Vegas) and Ticketweb (Los Angeles).

For booking or other information, please send links and inquiries to